Gypsy Ballad

Director: HEGEDűS László
short film ° 1983 ° 07 ' 40 " ° Colour ° Producer: Mikulás Ferenc Dramaturge: Sarkadi Ilona Production manager: Vécsy Veronika Sound: Nyerges András Imre Cameraman: Pethes Zsolt ; Polyák Sándor Artist: Debreczeni Katalin ; Gyapai Tamás Editor: Czipauer János Musician: Vidovszky László Ink artist: Fejes Margit Ink artist: Gömöry Dorottya Ink artist: Királyházi Jenőné Painter: Bajusz Pálné Painter: Paksi Csabáné Designer: Hegedűs László


This is an animated illustration for "Muikalo Zlotari", which is part of the collection of Gypsy ballads by Imre Csenki and Sándor Csenki. The surcharged, erotic atmosphere, and the blood-stained world of the Gypsy ballad appears in the film as extremely subdued, with symbolic conciseness and ironic aloofness.



- Alter-Native 2011 / Romania (Panorama program)