Director: WEISZ Béla
TV series ° 1993 ° 07 ' 17 " ° Colour ° Producer: Mikulás Ferenc Animator: Vitális Zoltán ; Tóth Lajos Production manager: Vécsy Veronika Sound: Zsebényi Béla Cameraman: Magyar Gyöngyi Artist: Farkas László ; Szabó Géza ; Szabó Csaba ; Dorin , Stella ; Dékány Izabella Secondunit director: Tóth László István Editor: Hap Magda Musician: Másik János Painting: Gulyás Kis Ágnes Painting: Kovács Aranka Painting: Veszelszki Ilona Backgrounds: Gulyás Géza Script: Weisz Béla Animation director: Ivanov Neikov , Nikolai


The circus has made a new poster. Acrobats are in their designer clothes, ponies in their head dresses, and the elephant with his new drape are waiting the photo shoot. Only Leo lacks proper clothes. Fred’s garments are too small for him, the feather duster and table clothing is also a bad choice. Leo is completely desperate until he sees a photo of a dark brown and light brown lion on the table: his parents. Painting himself the two colours’ blend, he now proudly steps before the camera with the others.