Ferenc Mikulás

He was born in 1940.
From 1970 he was getting acquainted with animated cartoon films at the Pannonia Film Studio. Since 1971 he has been the Head of the Kecskemét Animation Studio. Since 1995 – after a successful privatization process – the Studio has been owned by its own artists and employees. The teams consist of 20 full-time employees and generally about 100-150 free-lance artists, who accomplish the full process of both 2D and 3D film making. Now Kecskemétfilm is the oldest and biggest animation film studio in Hungary.
Several series and short films were produced on the base of his idea, e.g. Hungarian Folk Tales. The episodes of this series were screened 140 times in the programme of different international film festivals, and were awarded by e.g. Chicago International Children's Film Festival. The film rights were sold in 40 countries.
Kecskemétfilm entered the world of international co-productions and played a significant part in an animated feature film A Monkey’s Tale produced in British-German-French-Hungarian co-production.
Within the scope of the international scholarship system started by him, students arrived to Kecskemét Animation Studio from Holland, Belgium, Canada, Germany, USA, Schwitzerland, Island, Bulgaria and Romania.
Since 1993 he has been the Director of the Kecskemét Animation Film Festival which was started on his initiative. “KAFF” became an international festival in 1996 by inviting the European animated features and TV specials into the competition. During the last 20 years it developed into the most important biannual animation event in the region.
Between 1997-2000 he was a member of the Board of Directors of ASIFA (Association of International Animation Film Artists).
He was member of jury at several festivals in the world, such as Chiavari (Italy), Seoul (South-Korea), Ankara (Turkey), Beijing (China), Łódź (Poland), Târgu Mures (Romania), Stuttgart (Germany) and Jaipur (India), Lisbon (Portugal), Hiroshima (Japan) and Bratislava (Slovakia).
At present he is the Managing Director of Kecskemétfilm Ltd., the Producer of the films made in this studio and the Director of the Kecskemét Animation Film Festival.