Tale About the Miraculous Deer

Director: NEUBERGER Gizella
short film ° 1996 ° 10 ' 19 " ° Colour ° Producer: Mikulás Ferenc Animator: Nyúl Zsuzsanna ; Tóth László István ; Gönczöl Gábor Production manager: Vécsy Vera Sound: Nyerges András Imre Cameraman: Csaplár József ; Polyák Sándor


Relics of the Hungarian history and mythology are revived in this poem by János Arany. Hunor and Magyar are enticed to an unknown country by a wondrous deer. The heroes lose their way, kidnap wives and settle down in a far region of their new homeland.



- PAF Festival of Film Animation 2010 / Czech Republic (Panorama program)