How Did Esther Get on the Table?

Director: SZOBOSZLAY Péter
short film ° 1986 ° 10 ' 34 " ° Colour ° Producer: Mikulás Ferenc Animator: Bakai Piroska Production manager: Vécsy Vera ; Kitsov , Yanaki Sound: Pavlov , Emil Cameraman: Henrik Irén Artist: Gaál Erika ; Horváth Márta ; Toró Annamária ; Szutor Gabi ; Kovács Magda Editor: Czipauer János Musician: Brazitsov , Alexander Script: Szoboszlay Péter Art director: Kulev , Anri ° Manufacturer:


A little girl fidgets by the desk at which her father is working. Suddenly she appears on top of the table, where she shrinks to only a few centimetres in size. The scene launches into a series of surrealistic objects of her environment. She is comforted with many situations that could conceivably happen to her in the future, and they prove to be more threatening than reassuring. At the end of film we find Esther restored to her normal self again, sitting on the lap of her father.



- Hungarian Film and TV critics 1988 / Hungary (Hungarian Film and TV critics prize)
- Kecskemét Animation Film Festival 1988 / Hungary (Special prize of the jury)
- Ráday SOHO FilmÉSfesztivál 2002 / Hungary (Panorama program)
- Hiroshima 2014 / Japan (Panorama program)