Director: NEUBERGER Gizella
short film ° 2009 ° 06 ' 29 " ° Colour ° Producer: Mikulás Ferenc Animator: Cseh János ; Nagy György ; Szabó János Production manager: Vécsy Vera Sound: Nyerges András Imre Compositor: Cseh János ; Nagy György Editor: Czakó Judit Musician: Ittzés Gergely Narrator: Bencze Ilona Photography: Cseh János Photography: Margelatu , Iulian Script, production design: Neuberger Gizella ° Manufacturer:


The famous painting Visitation by Master M. S. is held in the Hungarian National Gallery. The painting depicts a story from the Bible. The archangel Gabriel, who informs Maria of the upcoming birth of Jesus, tells her that her old acquaintance, Elizabeth, is also pregnant. Then Maria sets off to visit her. The film depicts their meeting and the artwork.



- Kecskemét Animation Film Festival 2009 / Hungary (Competetion program)
- Sub-regional and Local Television Week 2009 / Hungary (Special Jury Award)
- International Film Festival of Fine Arts 2010 / Hungary (Information program)
- BAB Biennial of Animation Bratislava 2010 / Slovakia (Panorama program)
- "Kapocs ég és föld között" 2012 / Hungary (Other program)
- Ars Sacra Film Festival 2016 / Hungary (Competetion program)