I Can’t Live Without You!

Director: SZOBOSZLAY Péter
tv-series ° 2006 ° 05 ' 47 " ° Colour ° Producer: Mikulás Ferenc Animator: Baksa Balázs ; Kovács Magda ; Szoboszlay Péter Production manager: Vécsy Vera Sound: Nyerges András Imre Cameraman: Lakatos Iván Secondunit director: Moldoványi Judit Editor: Csányi Mihály Musician: Grencsó István Script, production design: Szoboszlay Péter


A short glimpse into love life at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century: how our great-grandparents loved, hated, felt jealous and cheated on each other, and how the newspapers, letters and secret diaries that still exist give news of all of these.



- Kecskemét Animation Film Festival 2007 / Hungary (Competetion program)
- Hungarian Film Week 2008 / Hungary (Information program)