The Basket Waver

Director: SZOBOSZLAY Eszter
tv-series ° 2020 ° 07 ' 47 " ° Colour ° Producer: Mikulás Ferenc Animator: Sulyok Bence ; Tóth-Pócs Roland Production manager: Vécsy Vera Sound: Madácsi Imre Background painter: Szűcs Emese ; Csontos Gizella Storyteller: Nyakó Júlia Cameraman: Tóth-Pócs Roland IT employee: Ari Károly ; Kaszap Katinka Editor: Tóth-Pócs Roland ; Kungl Mátyás Musician: Oláh József ; Parno Graszt zenekar Storyboard, character design: Szoboszlay Eszter Layout: Balajthy László 3D rigging: Csontos Gizella 3D supervisor, post production: Tóth-Pócs Roland 3D modeling: Gruber Fruzsina 3D rigging: Nagy Tamás Art director: Horváth Mária Author of original work: Czipott Géza Post production: Kungl Mátyás Cymbalo: Unger Balázs


The grandfather – a basket weaver – and his scatterbrained grandson live in poverty by the side of a river. The boy does not want to learn his grandfather’s craft until one day he gets a magic wand from a stranger and advice on how to find both happiness and wealth. He grows into a stalwart, trustworthy young man, and his magic baskets are always full of all kinds of good things. But is it always a blessing if one has too much of everything?



- Kinolub International Film Festival for Children and Youth / Poland (Competetion program)