Andrea Kiss



An animated film director, illustrator and graphic artist, she was born in Budapest in 1973. She graduated from the Hungarian Academy of Crafts and Design Budapest (now MoME), and has working with animated film since 1990. She worked as an animator at various studios (Aardman, Studio Magica, Studio Ex-ist, Kecskemétfilm Studio) and on numerous independent projects. Her widely screened and awraded independent artistic shorts are The Sink Song, The Fairy With the Seven Heads and The Mouse with a Mouth. She has conducted several graphic art and animation film workshops in France, Germany, Hungary, and Norway. Currently she is working on Paris-Chartres, the adaptation of the Hungarian Miklós Radnóti’s poem, Cartes postales.


The Mouse with a Mouth (2008)
- Lucas International Children's Film Festival / Germany (Best Short Film Award)
- Tricky Women Animation Festival / Ausztra (Special Mention of the Jury)
- Larissa Mediterranean Festival of New Directors / Greece (Special Mention of the Jury)
- Kecskemét Animation Film Festival 2009 / Hungary (Information program)
- Sancy Film Festival for Young People - Plein la Bobine / France (Audience Award)
- Anima Mundi 2009 / Brazil (Panorama program)
- CineFest 2009 / Hungary (Competetion program)
- Tindirindis 2009 / Lithuania (Special Distinction)
- Chicago International Children's Film Festival 2009 / USA (Competetion program)
- CICDAF / China (Special Distinction)
- Sichuan TV Festival 2009 / China (Competetion program)
- Sub-regional and Local Television Week 2009 / Hungary (Special Jury Award / Special Award of Students’ Jury)
- Anilogue 2009 / Hungary (Competetion program)
- Children's Film Festival Seattle 2010 / USA (Competetion program)
- REDCAT International Children's Film Festival 2010 / USA (Competetion program)
- Ciné-Junior International Film Festival for Young People / France (Audience Award)
- Martha's Vineyard Film Festival 2010 / USA (Competetion program)
- Golden Knight International Film Festival 2010 / Russia (Competetion program)
- International Cartoons & Comics Festival 2010 / Italy (1st Prize)
- FilmVideo Montecatini 61 / Italy (Competetion program)
- SICAF 2010 / South Korea (Special Distinction in TV Films, TV series, TV special )
- Martha's Vineyard Film Festival 2010 / USA (Panorama program)
- International Film Festival of Fine Arts 2010 / Hungary (Information program)
- Festival Internacional de Animación FIDA / Chile (Special Mention)
- BAB Biennial of Animation Bratislava 2010 / Slovakia (Competetion program)
- Rencontres Internationales du Cinéma d'Animation de Wissembourg / France (First Prize of the Young Audience’s Jury)
- Magyar Filmhét - Tuniszi Kulturális Központ 2011 / Tunisia (Other program)
- Tehran International Animation festival 2011 / Iran (Competetion program)
- Hungarian Film Week 2011 / Hungary (Information program)
- Hungarian Film Festival of Los Angeles 2014 / USA (Panorama program)