István Rittgasser


István Rittgasser was born in 1973. He graduated at the photography faculty of the Secondary School of Visual Arts in Budapest in 1991. Between 1992 and 1996, he worked as animator in Kecskemétfilm Studio. In 2001, he obtained a degree as a Visual Arts Teacher at the Eszterházy Károly University of Eger. Since 1998, he is a regular host of radio shows (EstFM, Radiocafé, RádioQ). He is the member of the visual group “Kiégő Izzók” (Bulbs Burning Out) since 2007. Since 2008, he teaches at the Secondary School of Visual Arts of Budapest, at the faculty of motion picture. Since 2017, he is the leader of the faculty.


Gentle Threads (2007)
- Kecskemét Animation Film Festival 2007 / Hungary (Special Award of Filmkultúra)
- Bázis Filmfesztivál 2007 / Hungary (Information program)
- Sub-regional and Local Television Week 2007 / Hungary (Special Jury Award )
- Hungarian Film Week 2008 / Hungary (Best Scientific Educational Documentary )
- Kamera Hungária 2008 / Hungary (Competetion program)
- CineFest 2008 / Hungary (Competetion program)
- Etiuda & Anima 2008 / Poland (Information program)