2D animation

Kecskemétfilm Ltd. (and its legal predecessor) has been making animated and mixed-technique films since 1971.
In the first two decades our artists gained significant professional experience in the field of artistic short films and television series, which received significant international recognition and awards.
Generations have grown up on the episodes of Water-Spider, Wonder-Spider, Leo and Fred, Tales of King Mathias, Legends from the Hungarian History and Hungarian Folk Tales. The audience had the chance to get acquainted with the short films mainly at festivals. Both categories proved to be exportable – the last time an Italian TV channel purchased the whole Hungarian Folk Tales series made up of 100 parts.
From the 90s a long-term cooperation has developed with several foreign studios: numerous feature films, TV series and advertisements have been made, wholly or in part in Kecskemét. The 2010s have resulted in a technological change: the traditional animation made on paper was replaced by digital design and drawing. The foundation of direct creation on computers is still also built on traditional animation. The major part of our colleagues has an experience in animation of 10-20 years, but we are constantly looking for young talent, as well.