The Cricket

Director: JANKOVICS Marcell ; HORVÁTH Mária
tv-series ° 1995 ° 06 ' 50 " ° 35 mm ° Colour ° Technique : Drawing animation ° Producer: Mikulás Ferenc Selector: Nagy Ilona Animator: Tari József ; Ganchev , Ivo ; Dorin , Stella Shooting supervisor: Tóth László István Production manager: Vécsy Vera Sound: Nyerges András Imre Background painter: Neuberger Gizella Highlighter-coloring: Gulyás Kis Ágnes ; Jancsovics Ilona ; Bell Zsófia Storyteller: Szabó Gyula Cameraman: Polgár Éva Artist: Cseh Szilvia ; Timbusz Béla ; Rittgasser István Editor: Hap Magda Musician: Kaláka együttes Storyboard: Szoboszlay Péter


Cricky, the poor boot-maker make the people believe that he knows everything. Also the king heard about it and he sent for him and ordered the boot-maker to tell him where the queen’s disappeared favourite ring is. The boot-maker got frightened that his trick comes to the light but he had good luck and he returned home with six large carts full of gold.