László Balajthy



He was born in Mohacs in 1956. He started working at the Kecskemét Studio in 1975. He took part in the production of almost all the films of the studio, at the beginning as inbetween and clean-up artist, then as animator, animation director, co-director and director – both in tv-series and feature films.


Go on, Torreador! (1988) The Adventures of Tinti
The Great Competition (1988) The Adventures of Tinti
- Kecskemét Animation Film Festival 1993 / Hungary (Category prize)
Music School (1988) The Adventures of Tinti
The Poor Man’s Nine Hens and One Cockerel (1990) Hungarian Folk Tales 4
The Fiery Red Snake (2017) Gypsy Tales 1
- Kecskemét Animation Film Festival 2017 / Hungary (Best 3D)
- KIDS FIRST! Film Festival 2018 / New Mexico (Competetion program)
- BAB Biennial of Animation Bratislava 2018 / Slovakia (Competetion program)
- Alexandre Trauner Art/Film Festival 2018 / Hungary (Competetion program)
- Epic Animation Comic Game Fest 2018 / USA (Competetion program)
- Festival of Hungarian TV Films - Lakitelek 2018 / Hungary (Special Award of Research Institute for National Strategy; Special Award of Móricz Zsigmond Secondary School)
- Tiburon International Film Festival 2019 / USA (Competetion program)
The Blacksmith and the Good Lord (2018) Gypsy Tales 1
- ANIMA Córdoba International Animation Festival 2019 / Argentina (Competetion program)
The Tub Carvers (2020) Gypsy Tales 1
- NAFF Neum Animated Film Festival 2022 / Bosnia and Herzegovina (Competetion program)
- ZEBRA International Animation Film Festival / Slovenia (Competetion program)
The Magic Pipe (2021) Gypsy Tales 2
The Wise Gypsy Who Drove Off the Devil’s Son (2021) Gypsy Tales 2